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Say Goodbye to Boring Boundaries – Try the Smart Solution of Pets Virtual Fences

Nov 8, 2023 | Pet

Even the sturdiest physical fence has its limitations – your beloved dog jumping over it, or your curious cat sneaking out through some cunning maneuver. That’s why virtual GPS fences have become a preferred solution for pet owners seeking a safer and more convenient way to monitor their furry companions.


Key Takeaways

  • What is a virtual fence?
  • How does a virtual fence work?
  • How to create a Locater Virtual Fence?
  • What’s the Locater Virtual Fence size?
  • Is Locater a customizable GPS pet fence?
  • Why virtual fences are superior?


What is a virtual fence?

A virtual fence uses GPS technology to create digital boundaries for pets and livestock. Owners can map out the permitted roaming area. Small trackers attached to collars allow the system to track each animal’s location in real-time. If a pet crosses the virtual boundary, an alert is sent to the owner’s phone for a swift response. Compared to a physical fence, a virtual fence provides flexibility through location monitoring within a designated area – an innovative wireless way to contain animals on a property via geofencing and alerts.


How does a virtual fence work?

The Locater Virtual Fence operates using a simple app and tracker setup. Attach the tracker collar to your pet then open the Locater GPS app. Draw the virtual fence area, such as around your backyard, on the map. Ensure the tracker and your internet connection are active. That’s it – you’ll receive alerts if your pet crosses the fence line.


How to create a Locater Virtual Fence?

Setting up a virtual fence with Locater is straightforward. Open the Tractive GPS app, select “Virtual Fence”, tap to add a fence, name it, choose the shape/icon/type, drag it to the desired map location and save. Your virtual fence is now armed!


What’s the Locater Virtual Fence size?

For a Virtual Fence to be effective, it needs to be at least a certain size. For circle fences, it must be at least 50 meters in radius. For rectangular fences, 100 x 100 meters is the smallest possible size. For custom shaped fences, there’s no minimum size. However you may be asked to increase the size of the fence to improve the accuracy of Virtual Fence notifications.


Is Locater a customizable GPS pet fence?

Yes! The Locater GPS Dog Tracker makes the perfect customizable GPS pet fence. You can set up your fence in a circle, rectangle or draw your own custom shape. No matter what your space looks like, you can create a Locater GPS Virtual Fence to fit it.


Why virtual fences are superior?

Virtual fences are truly the superior option over traditional physical barriers when it comes to properly caring for your pets. Unlike solid fences that just don’t respect Fido’s natural instincts to roam, digital boundaries provide a more flexible and humane solution. You won’t believe the money and hassle they save you compared to repairing and rebuilding boring old wood structures. Plus with virtual lines, it’s a breeze to adjust containment as needed and set customized notifications to your preferences.

Here’s the real kicker – virtual fences let pets feel secure while still letting them feel free, within reason of course. No more will Scruffy wonder where the yard ends thanks to high-tech monitoring without walls. Talk about convenience! So next time you got fence fatigue, go wireless instead of dealing with limitations. Guaranteed you and Fluffy will be happier campers with this upgraded care-focused choice in your corner.




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