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How to Prevent E-Scooters From Stolen For Apple Users?

Feb 7, 2024 | Vehicle

Urban Cities: The Most Common Scenario for Electric Scooter Usage, but Also the Highest Risk for Theft

Electric scooters have become a popular means of short-distance transportation in urban areas. Whether for commuting or leisure, people tend to choose electric scooters as a fast and convenient mode of transport. However, due to their widespread usage, cities have become high-risk areas for electric scooter theft. With their high portability and relatively low-security measures, electric scooters have become prime targets for thieves.


Why are Electric Scooters Most Prone to Theft in Urban Areas?

In cases of electric scooter theft, thieves often utilize the stolen scooters for other criminal activities, with phone theft being the most common. The maneuverability and speed of E-scooters allow thieves to swiftly escape the scene, while the scooter’s storage basket provides a convenient hiding space for stolen phones and other valuable items. Consequently, electric scooters have become a primary objective for thieves, posing a significant threat to the safety of urban residents.


Resolving Electric Scooter Theft Issues: Introducing the Advantages & Applications of LocTag LT1 Trackers

To address this problem, people are seeking various methods to protect E-scooters from theft. One such solution is the use of trackers to trace the location of stolen scooters. However, traditional trackers have limitations and issues. For instance, trackers commonly used by regular users are easily detected, allowing thieves to remove them effortlessly. Moreover, traditional trackers are costly, power-consuming, and require frequent charging, inconveniencing users.

In the process of resolving these issues, the LocTag has emerged and gained widespread recognition.


LocTag LT1 Tracker: The Optimal Choice for Combating Urban E-Scooter Theft

The LocTag tracker is an advanced technological product specifically designed to prevent the loss of items such as electric scooters. It possesses a range of advantages, making it the optimal choice for addressing the issue of electric scooter theft in urban areas.

Firstly, the LocTag offers concealment. Its design is compact, allowing it to be easily hidden in a corner of an electric scooter, making it difficult to detect. This reduces the risk of theft as thieves are less likely to notice the presence of the tracker.

Secondly, It features low power consumption. Utilizing advanced energy-saving Apple Find My technology, it can operate continuously for 30 months without requiring charging, eliminating the hassle of frequent recharging. This enables users to utilize the tracker for extended periods without worrying about insufficient battery life.

Thirdly, Whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour, LocTag’s waterproof functionality ensures that the tracker remains fully functional and protects against potential water-related issues. This feature further enhances the durability and longevity of the tracker, making it an ideal choice for urban environments where unexpected weather conditions are common.

Additionally, the LocTag possesses efficient tracking functionality. By connecting to an Apple product like iPhone, iPad, and so on, users can monitor the real-time location of their E-scooter. When the scooter moves beyond the predefined safe zone, the tracker sends a leave message to the user. This enables users to take timely action, and track, and recover the stolen electric scooter.

The advantages of the LocTag have been widely recognized, even receiving positive reviews on platforms such as YouTube. Many bloggers such as Muzain have showcased the integration of the Loctag with E-scooters in their review videos, praising its features and performance. This further validates the value and reliability of the Loctag in addressing the issue of electric scooter theft not just urban but also suburban.

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