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Locater at 33rd Japan IT Week – Spring 2024

Apr 25, 2024 | Others

Are you planning to explore the latest trends and innovations in the IT industry? Look no further than the Japan IT Week Spring exhibition! Hosted by RX Japan Ltd, this prestigious event is set to take place at Tokyo Big Sight from April 24th to April 26th, 2024.



Here at Locater, we are thrilled to announce our participation in this enlightening exhibition. With a comprehensive range of shows covering various areas of enterprise IT, Japan IT Week Spring is a must-attend for businesses and individuals seeking to expand their IT horizons. As the largest IT exhibition in Japan, it offers a platform for exhibitors and visitors to engage in meaningful discussions, explore new products and services, and gain insights into the latest technological advancements.



Aside from showcasing our products, we are also looking forward to networking with fellow industry professionals and visitors. This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to foster meaningful connections, explore potential collaborations, and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

We are eagerly counting down the days until we can meet you in person at this extraordinary event. The Japan IT Week Spring exhibition is a beacon of innovation and knowledge, and we cannot wait to be a part of it.

Until then, keep an eye on our blog for more updates, and make sure to register as a visitor for this remarkable exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there!




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