Shipping Policy

During the trial operation period of the New Year in 2024, we will not charge any shipping fees for the majority of countries listed below until March 1, 2024. Any subsequent policy changes will be promptly communicated to each and every user.

We prioritize efficiency and accuracy in processing orders to ensure that you receive your desired products as soon as possible. The orders will be shipped within two business days after you place it.

For more details of Free Shipping, you can check the following table.

Continents Conturies Delivery (Working Days) Shipping Free
North America The US, Mexico 6-12 0
Canada 8-15 0
South America Brazil 15-25 0
Chile, Columbia 19-21 0
Europe UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hungary, Czech, Rumania, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Malta 6-10 0
Greece, Norway 8-12 0
Africa South Africa 8-12 0
Angola, Rwanda, Tanzania 11-13 0
Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria 13-16 0
Asia Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea 5-8 0
Philippines, Malaysia, Cyprus, Israel 8-12 0
Pakistan 11-13 0
(Hokkaido & Okinawa )
Oceania Australia, New Zealand 6-8 0

For any other countries, we will also provide logistics transportation, but it will not be included in the free shipping range. We will charge a fixed fee of USD $30 for these countries and regions, and the estimated delivery time will be 10-14 business days.

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